Under the leadership of partners Xiaodu Liu,Yan Meng and Hui Wang,Urbanus is a think tank providing strategies for urbanism and architecture in the new millennium.

The name of “Urbanus” derives from the Latin word of “urban”,and strongly reflects the office’s design approach: reading architectural program from the viewpoint of the urban environment in general,and the everchanging urban situations in specific.

Urbanus is committed to the Modernist believe that architecture is a pivotal force for a better life, and hence architects should push the boundary of their traditional role and be a progressive force in the society.

Urbanus theorizes its idea and ideal through a unique practice. The core concern of this practice is design excellence.

Urbanus’ design scope includes urban design, architectural design, landscape design, interior design and exhibition design. Its works have been widely exhibited in prestigious domestic and international shows, and reported by major trade magazines. It has been recognized as one of the leading forces among China’s young design firms.

Founded in 1999, Urbanus is featured as one of the ten global “Vanguard Architectural Firm” by Architectural Record in December, 2005.

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ICEHEARTCHEN [2006-10-13 12:11 AM]
cy [2006-09-09 10:34 AM]
刘工和孟工真是好人。他们是如此认真耐心地对待每个项目,跟你讨论每个细节。 我觉得再难找到一家建筑事物所的老板能这么执着地做设计了。 哈哈,所以能跟他们他们一起工作还是挺幸运的。虽然总是被kill掉不少东西, 总是听到他们说:不对啊,不对, 连做梦都听见他们说不对啊,不对, 可是只要他们一说“对了”, 我就真的好开心拉,心里比吃了辣椒还甜。只是高兴的时间对我少了些,高兴和难过的比例大概是!0%和90%的关系吧
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