Category: Museum
Principal Architect: Meng Yan, Liu Xiaodu

Project Directors: He Yong, Hu Zhigao
Designers: Xiong Jiawei, Zhang Lina, Huang Yihong


The design of Art Museum and Trading Center for Shenzhen Guanlan Print Base is consistent with the design philosophy of Urbanus, using a calm attitude to renovate the traditions of the museum. This revolution originate from the need to preserve the local environment, respect the culture and rethink about the present condition of museums in Shenzhen.

The scheme of Guanlan museum exhibits the Shenzhen’s great ambition and aspiration to culture after high-speed development of 30 years. But the high maintenance expenses for a large museum, the  lack of great exhibitions and the gap between art and the public make many museums become vacant after construction.  Shenzhen Dafen Art museum is just this kind of example ,while some middle or small size museums in OCT are showing an energetic life by providing public with art in different forms.

Guanlan museum has a city size and world class volume. Based on our analysis, we need an art village that is consisted of many smaller scale pieces that can be combined as a whole for large-scale arts activities.

The pattern of settlement is transmitted from well-preserved traditional villages and hundreds of years’ Hakka culture in Guanlan and is also an integration of the natural environment. The model which seems traditional in Chinese culture brings a new theme to a regular museum—an architecture imported from overseas, creating a new organizational model.

The design adds some relative art function in the museum, such as art museum, artist studio, gallery, hotel, art restaurant etc, combining the art spaces with kinds of function in different patterns, Guanlan museum will become a real integrated art collection.

Gunlan Museum and Trade Center is not only an object isolated from environment and the public, it should be a iconic location containing Chinese culture and spreading art of printmaking to the public.


Credits and Data:

Project Location: Shenzhen
Project Period: 2009
Project Status: Proposal
Site Area: 31,000㎡
Floor Area: 29,405㎡

Client: Client: Shenzhen Baoan District Government