Category: Urban Design & Research
Principal Architect: Meng Yan, Liu Xiaodu

Project Director: Lam Tat, Travis Bunt
Designers: Jessica Cheung, Louise Pan, Juliana Kei, Silan Yip, Danil Nagy, Christo Logan, Darren KEI Ka Yat, Sam CHAN Tak Yeung, Neo WU Ching Kwong, Jason Wong, David Mark Wilson, Hugh, Liao Jun



Having researched international cases, we wish to design the next generation central of financial districts. The scheme will focus on innovative ideas in urban design strategies, circulation and traffic organization, social structure and community forming, and smart and green city technologies. In our design, we emphasize the entirety of the urban system and development model, multiple and mixed program organization, three dimensional urban system and the applications of ecological and advanced technologies. Moreover, in order to activate the development, we also provide architectural conceptual designs for the three landmark buildings in the area.

THE ENTIRETY OF URBAN SYSTEM AND THE DEVELOPMENTAL MODEL: The uniqueness of this project is about its integrated development scheme. After understanding the evolution of global CFD urban designs, we believe that Qianhai requires a comprehensive and integrated development model that is entirely unique internationally.

3D URBAN SYSTEM FOR SPATIAL INTEGRATION: The direct impact of the overall development model is to fully integrate all spaces in the city. Infrastructure and urban design can also be organized more efficiently, thus contributing to the 3D city structure. The collaboration between Qianhai and CDB will put the new 3D city design into practice.

INTEGRATED PROGRAM FOR ACTIVE URBANISM: The spatial integration focuses only on the hardware, but the objective of doing so is to further integrate programs. 3D city design has already set up the framework, programmatic plug-ins will actually activate this system, thus creating a real worldclass metropolis.



Project Location: Shenzhen
Project Period: 2012
Site Area: 338,515㎡
Floor Area: 1,768,200㎡

Client: China Development Bank & China Development Bank Capital