Category: Culture & Education
Principal Architect: Liu Xiaodu

Project Manager: Lin Haibin     Project Architect: Milutin Cerovic
Team: Chen Hui, Zhang Xuejuan, Zhang Yingyuan, Li Weibin, Shen Chen, Chen Jingbo


Xiamen, as the “city of music”, has numerous performing places with different types. But some of the existed performing places are small and have single functions. Xiamen Music Center should be more diverse and more multi-functional. On the basis of the idea, the team adds the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere of Xiamen, which is called “sea garden”, to the design; join the Huandao road and Baicheng Beach together by natural landscape. It makes the single symphony hall update to a “music park” opening to the public.

The music park put the multi-functions into the site meanwhile maintains the original low-density, open and flat landform. On the ground, it is a relaxing park rather than a building that opening to the public. Under the ground, it is more than a music hall that its multi-functional complex brings vitality to the site. The spaces on and under the ground is connected by the inner stream line and also a series of courtyards and small buildings dotted around the park. The whole complex is organized by three axis and one loop line. The musicality theme of the park is defined by the music subsidiary functions and also the distinct volume and appearance. The superposition of the three systems of on the ground, underground and the connector makes a new landmark of Xiamen music and tourism culture.

The gentle slope of the park facing the sea provides an excellent landscape view. The well-designed six landscape areas with different characteristic add fun during sightseeing, too. There are also some arrangement echoed the landscape such as the rock stage, impromptu stage, the traditional Xiangju, open-air cinema and symphony hall; they scatter all over the park and point to the beach and central park, with them the music park’s function of cultural node is realized and the park becomes the real center that can converge and accommodate all kinds of music performance type.

The design team would like to implement the general concept of “listening music in the park”. They designed a double facade, offering a public space between park and music hall that people can view the park while walking around in the music hall; thus, the park can fit into the music center.


Credits and Data:

Location: Xiamen
Design: 2015
Project  Status: Proposal
Site Area: 55,600 ㎡
Floor Area: 74,070 ㎡
Building Stories: 4
Building Height: 30m
Client: Xiamen Municipal Government