Shenzhen’s Artron Art Center was designed to be the flagship headquarters of China’s foremost printing enterprise: a bibliographic mecca where books are crafted and enjoyed.

However, its location on the outskirts of the city, surrounded by three major highways, presented the architecture studio URBANUS with a challenge.

Rather than looking inwards, the architects decided to create continuities with the large-scale urban infrastructure to establish a vibrant dialogue between the two while also providing all the facilities required for a state of the art, one-stop, multi-service printing facility and cultural center.

Featuring an interview with the lead architect, sketches, detailed diagrams and sumptuous photography, this monograph provides an in-depth insight into a triumphant feat of modern printing architecture, one that manages to combine seamless integration with its surroundings with local landmark status and hugely impressive functionality, making it both unique and a model for similar projects across the world.


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