Since 2005, Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture has been held and accumulated abundant professional resources, media resources and brand impact. In 2015, our public education platform” UABB SCHOOL” has achieved great success—in the exhibition period, a total of more than 200 activities were organized, covering different professional levels and interacting with the public in a variety of activities. On the basis of previous exhibition, 2017UABB will further strengthen the depth and breadth of education and activities, plan activities in multiply plates, aim at different group of audience, and maintain the original organizational system. As an education platform, UABB School will provide resource sharing for the public.

Recruitment Plan
The programs are classified into two categories:
1. Academic / Professional projects;
2. Public / Family project

Plate Review
1. Academic / Professional projects;
(1) Participants need to have a macroscopic awareness and in-depth observation of the problem to the urban village issue. The organization of professional activities requires a certain degree of academic level.
(2) Participants need to have a preliminary design idea of the presentation, process and expected results of the event.
(3) Participants need to have similar experience in organizing activities, and organization and coordination capacity.
Main Forms: professional lectures, forums, performance workshops, courses and etc.

2. Public / Family project
Through multiplex forms of interaction, we will popularize professional knowledge for to the public and make it easier for the public to participate in the exhibition.
Main forms: courses, performances, workshops, children’s activities.

Requirement and Criteria
1. The contents of the projects should be consistent with the general theme of “Cities, Grow in Difference” and the characteristics of UABB.
2. Relevant to urban, architecture and art, coordinate with the exhibition and disseminate relevant knowledge
3. Meet the purpose of UABB school, with educational meaning, and must not contain too much business / self-promotion property.
4. Applicants are required to take all the relevant work.
5. Activities need to have a certain size and influence. Courses, workshops and other activities to be presented in series
6. Per the proposal, the committee plans to provide 5,000-30000 yuan for each project. If the funds are insufficient, the applicant must raise funds themselves and find sponsors to ensure the money. The sponsorship program shall meet the requirements of the basic publicity standards of the Committee and must submit to the Committee before executing. The applicant’s fund-raising ability is also one of the selected examination items
7. Materials for publication and of identification should be administered by the organizing committee and the applicants should finish the relevant designs according to the corresponding standards and requirements.

The Organizing Committee of the Biennale has the final decision on the selection of the program, and the application shall be communicated and selected, and finally the cooperation shall be decided

In UABB exhibition hall, we have public education ground and service pack which can be used by the partners;
At the same time, welcome partners to use your own venues, and cooperate with UABB activity brand.

UABB can offer media resources to promote information about activities. (For more details please contact UABB office)

Project Proposal Requirements
The proposal must include but not limited to the following contents
1. Event overview
2. Activity content and schedules (including activity theme, form, scale, list of guests)
3. Promotion plan
4. Site requirements and use ideas
5. Budget structure and control
6. Team Structure and introduction
7. Schedules

Submission Deadline
The applicants, who intend to participate in the project, please submit the application materials by e-mail or mail to Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture Organizing Committee Office before Friday, 28th July 2017 at 6:00PM (Beijing Time).

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