On April 7, 2023, “NANSHAN-ing — 100 CAMPUS RENEWAL PLAN” exhibition opened at Sea World Culture & Arts Center in Nanshan, Shenzhen, lasted for one month. This exhibition aimed to show innovative practices in the renovation of existing campuses. The exploration on the production chain of renovating existing space in “100 CAMPUS RENEWAL PLAN FOR SHENZHEN NANSHAN”, including research, design, construction and maintenance, had been fully displayed. Three renovation projects: Nanshan Educational Science Research Institute Affiliated Kindergarten of Shenzhen, Zhuguang Primary School and Shenzhen Yucai High School, which redesigned by URBANUS were exhibited. On April 9, Meng Yan, the principal architect of URBANUS, was invited to the launch forum of Academic Week of “100 CAMPUS RENEWAL PLAN”.


The launch forum of Academic Week ©ACF域图


Main exhibition space at Sea World Culture & Arts Center ©ACF域图


Sub-exhibition space at Bay Opera of Shenzhen ©“百校焕新”主办方


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