“Praxis as Thinking, City as Project,”The Research-Led Design Practice of URBANUS”published on Journal  T+A. 2022 (4)

Through a comparative study of design­as-service, design-as-mediation, and research­led design from the perspective of architects, the article examines the respective distinctions and explains how a research-led architectural practice contributes to the shaping of an emerging city by identifying hidden clues of new possibilities. At the same time, it summarizes a proactive approach to knowledge-based praxis that responds to new issues in the dynamics of urban evolution by reviewing the research methodologies that the firm has applied in several representative projects at certain stages. Next, it proposes a long-term goal of further integrating urban research, strategy, and architectural practice while expanding the boundaries of practice in an effort to reconfigure urban systems.

KEY WORDS  Research-led Design; Praxis; Architectural Practice; Urban Research; Urban Architecture



For more  MENG Yan, Wendy Ran WU. Praxis as Thinking, City as Project. T+A. 2022(4)22-29