Category: Landscape
Principal Architect: Meng Yan

Designers: Zhu Jialin, Lin Dong | Lin Haibin, Li Hui, Ding Yu, Huang Miaoyan | Fu Zhuoheng, Deng Long


The site is a typical outstanding urban open space that is unfortunately ignored by the city. Narrow and irregular in shape, this 4000 sqm. site is actually at the intersection of several busy avenues of Shenzhen. In the middle of the site remains a public restroom. Beneath the surface runs a covered canal. The design idea first came from a bird-eye view of the site observed from the Diwang Building, the tallest structure in the city. It revealed a dramatic scene of this busy urban area: flowing lines, lights and colors. This view belongs to the real spirit of modern Shenzhen: a city in a mode of flowing, in anywhere, for anything, and at anytime. By converging, splitting, and overlapping of flashing images, this dynamic view keeps releasing endless energy like a flowing river.

The park is thus designed to materialize this view. A series of curving lines are designed in order to make a dialogue with the surrounding floating reality. It is also a simple and effective way to fine tune the site irregularity, and to unify the site discontinuity. The undulating pathways enrich the pedestrian experience. The existing restroom is to be covered by metal mesh, so as to form a dark and calm backdrop for the park. Functioning as light boxes at night, a series of bamboo screen boxes are added to provide peaceful resting areas in confrontation to the dynamic urban setting.



Project Location: The Intersection of Baoan North Rd. and Shennan East Rd., Shenzhen
Project Period: 2000-2005
Project Status: Completed
Size: 4,000㎡

Client: Shenzhen Planning & Land Resources Bureau