Category: Urban Design & Research
Principal Architect: Meng Yan

Director: Wendy Ran Wu
Urban Research: Mo Sifei, Wang Ziyi, Xu Jie, Zhan Lei, Xian Ziju, Song Yu, Ding Kaixin, Yang Mengli, Chris Weimann, Wang Qinxue
Academic Research: Qu Fei
Urban Design: Zheng Zhi, Wang Ziyi, Yu Shiyao, Zhu Hongrui, Chen Kun, Richard Quittenton, Yang Benqiang, Chris Weimann
Architectural Illustration: Zheng Zhi | Campaign Poster: Zheng Zhi, Wang Qinxue
Exhibition Design: Zheng Zhi, Mo Sifei, Zhu Hongrui, Yuan Ruizhe | Events Planning: Mo Sifei, Wang Qinxue | Publication Editor: Mo Sifei
VI Design: huangyangdesign


Fu [+] Infill Plan is brought up by Urbanus in the project “Urban Research and Concept Planning on Revitalization of Public Space in Futian Area”, searching for immediate solutions from the active factors research of public space, the development strategy of urban areas, the revitalization means of urban space and so on. Urbanus proposes to curate city exhibition to break the settled planning system in the original built environment, intervene in the city with events on multiple perspectives such as urban infrastructure, landscape environment, place function and soft resources, thus to promote the public environment and public life gradually. Fu [+] Infill Plan hopes to choreograph a new spatial narrative to superimpose new urban nodes onto the existing urban structure and form multiple layers of collective urban scenarios and social clusters. The plan also tries to engage the public, social and political forces to collectively establish a sustainable open platform of management and co-construction for Futian Central District.


Client: Futian District People’ Government, Futian Branch of Planning and Natural Resources Bureau
Location: Futian CBD, Shenzhen
Design: 2018-2021
Research Area: 4.4 km²
Research Focus: Evaluation Factors of Public Space, Practice Precedents of Public Space, Urban Device & Pilot Projects, Urban Curation