Dashilan district has a long tradition in traditional Chinese crafts. The history of craftsmen living in this southern city area shaped its local cultural identity, but has degenerated over the last decades. Therefore, it is necessary to attract new craftsmen in this area to retain and revive the tradition. A special courtyard is situated on No.90 Yang Mei Zhu Xie Jie and has an inner hutong. The linear row house flanking of this inner hutong is very much suitable to house a community of craftsmen. Our concept starts from providing a unique storefront for each unit of this row house. A facade is designed with two purposes: one is a recessed space serving as a showcase niche along the hutong, the other is at its original location. Each user has the flexibility to determine the storefront position and to decorate it according to his or her preferences. This space making device helps to incubate a community for the craftsmen, and to create a friendly bond with their neighbors.