On September 7, 2016, the London Design Biennale opened at Somerset House. ‘DenCity, a reachable utopia in Shenzhen’ was exhibited as the proposal of China pavilion. LIU Xiaodu made the speech ‘Dencity’ on the opening of the China pavilion.

Exhibition Time: Sep.7th-Sep.27th, 2016
Talk Time: Sep.7th,Wednesday, 1pm.
Speaker: Xiaodu Liu
Location: Somerset House, London

Growing from a 300,000 person border town to a megalopolis of 17 million, Shenzhen was the boomtown dreamland for the young and ambitious of China in the 1980s and ’90s. With the appealing draw of entrepreneurial spirit, this creative city expanded not only to the limit of its land resources, but also to the ceiling of affordable housing for the new immigrants. What’s the solution for such a rapid growing metropolis? It will inevitably include high density, but the city needs to take it even farther. Drawing inspiration from the idea of utopia, we can imagine a new and sustainable living/working environment.

0818 伦敦设计双年展 中国深圳馆 LOGO_2


DenCity-a Brand New Lifestyle Supported by Brand new Urban Form

DenCity-a Brand New Lifestyle Supported by a Brand New Urban Form

Life in Dencity

Life in DenCity