Category: Office & Mixed Use
Principal Architect: Liu Xiaodu, Meng Yan

Designers: Fu Zhuoheng, Zhang Xing | Lin Haibin, Li Hui, Chen Yaoguang | Yin Yujun, Huang Xu | Deng Dan, Liu Liu, Tu Jiang, Richard Gelles, Rao Enchen, Cheng Meng


The business centre of the international textile and clothing market is located in the newly developed area of Wu Xi, an area in the city devoted entirely to the production and commerce of textiles and clothing. The total area of the site is roughly 84,580 square meters, with 283,000 square meters dedicated to the building complex.

The program includes commercial retail outlets, offices, an exhibition centre as well as a 5-star luxurious hotel fronted by a large public plaza. The programs are woven together into a single complex and act as a kind of service hub for the local textile and clothing industry yet also extend its support for other neighboring industries. The project acts as a landmark for the textile and clothing market but in addition acts to revitalize the identity of the city itself.

The undulating surface of the building rises into four vertical towers, the hotel tower taking prominence. Surface, form, and structure interplay with textiles.



Project Location: Wuxi
Project Period: 2006
Project Status: Proposal
Floor Area: 283,000㎡
Height: 150m

Client: Shenzhen New World Group