Category: Urban Design & Research
Principal Architect: Meng Yan


Principal Architect: Meng Yan, Yao Dongmei
Project Manager: Zhou Yalin
Project Architect: Yu Shiyao
Team: Zhang Xuejuan, Mo Xiyao, Zhang Jingyi, Ding Xiao, Yuan Ruizhe, Wang Qinxue, Li Rui, Guo Yaxin, Ma Xiying | Wang Yiran (Internship)
Exhibition Design: Mo Xiyao, Wang Qinxue | Wang Jiaying (Internship)


Zhengzhou Yuanbo Eco-City Area has rich ecological landscape resources, green along the waterfront. The site is adjacent to 2 important transportation hubs in the north, Xinzheng International Airport and Zhengzhou South Railway Station (Hangkonggang railway station). The historical and cultural sites protected at the national level – Yuanling Ancient City Park is in the northeast of the site. The overall research site area of this project is 13.9 km², among them, the key area is 1.15 km², located in the core of business area on the south side of the Garden Expo Park.

The Research and Conceptual Urban Design of Yuanbo Eco-City Area in Zhengzhou Airport City aims to explore the future of urban communities.

Satellite images displayed in chronological order reveal the drifting pattern of urban footprint from farmland to city over the past decades. The misalignment between the superimposed grid systems over the authenticity of indigenous ecosystem has further resulted in the defunct of the natural and humanistic landscapes. This urban research and design aim to weigh in with the otherness through bottom-up approaches, rediscover local culture, expand the human ecosystem, and overlay a layer rooted in the historical spatial texture and current ecological foundation. It aspires to create new urban spaces that stimulate creative living that is more-than-ever flatten by the grid of superior planning.

In the post-Expo era, the Garden Expo Park will gain new life through opening up, it will evolve into a super-city park that is stretched over to the entire area. The spatial significance of experimental gardens will be explored through ongoing landscape experiments. The grid patterns will shape a livable environment, and the efficiency of program in flexibility in the core area will provide creative offices, experimental residences, and various types of spatial clusters, including alternative urban spaces such as urban nomad and lifestyle of peach blossom spring.

The Yuanbo Eco-City Area will rely on the natural and cultural resources of the garden expo to serve as an engine for inspiring a high-quality future urban area. It aims to create an open and vibrant urban landscape that takes the advantages of the transportation convenience of the airport-city zone,meanwhile give attention to pleasant block scales with multi-level public cultural facilities integrated. It aims to nurture an international ecological garden city model led by design and creativity.

The “Garden Expo Park” will evolve into the “Yuanbo Eco-City” through adjustments of the existing urban planning, it will lead to a holistic landscape-oriented urban area with poetic mountain and waters that is continuously growing.


Client: Zhengzhou Airport Park Expo Management Co., Ltd.
Project Location: Zhengzhou
Project Period: 2022-2023
Overall Research Site Area: 13.9km²
Key Area Design Area: 1.15 km²



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