Category: Small Public
Principal Architect: Meng Yan

Designers: Zhu Jialin, Wu Wenyi | Fu Zhuoheng, Zhang Zhen, Wei Zhijiao | Wang Jun,  Hu Zhigao, Yin Yujun, Li Qiang, Zhang Xinfeng | Liao Zhixiong, Lin Ting, Yu Xiaolan, Liu Jie


In China, the image of marriage registration office is closely linked with the Government. In reality, the Registry is an office of the civil affairs department, so it is normally perceived as a common and dull place, as part of the bureaucracy. This situation turns the supposedly romantic and exciting idea of marriage registration into a routine and boring experience. Nanshan Marriage Registration Center is a new architectural type, for which the architects hope to bring new life experiences to new couples, and to create a medium for information display, recording of newly registered couples, and also retain for the city a permanent memory of the journey of marriage.

The site of the project is in Lijing Park in Nanshan district, located in the Northeast corner of the park, approximately 100 meters long and 25 meters in width. The main building is placed in the northern side of the site, close to the street corner. A small pavilion on the southern side is connected with the main building by two bridges floating on a reflecting pool. The overall arrangement reveals this series of ceremonial spaces gradually. At the same time, it also makes the main building a symbolic civil landmark.

A key point of this design is to discover how to organize the personal ceremonial experience. A continuous spiral shows part of the process in the whole sequence—“arriving, approaching to the wedding hall with the focus of relatives, photographing, waiting, registering, ascending, overlooking, issuing, descending slope, passing the water pool, and reuniting with relatives”. For the design of the building, the whole volume is divided into smaller spaces to achieve relative privacy. The remainder of the whole building is full of a flow that creates a rich spatial effect. The building’s skin is separated into a double layer structure, with the first layer using a floral mesh aluminum to reveal the interior, and the second layer using glass walls to provide a weatherproof structure. The overall inside space and the outside facade are all white in order to show the saintly atmosphere of marriage registration.



Project Location: Changxing Rd. & Nantou Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Project Period: 2008-2011    Project Status: Completed      Site Area: 3,003㎡      Floor Area: 978㎡

Client: Public Works Bureau of Nanshan District, Construction Bureau of Nanshan District
Interior Design Collaborator: Guoqun Studio;  Structure Collaborator: Guangzhou RBS Architecture Engineer Design Associates | Shenzhen Tianyu Dynamo-electric Engineering Design Firm
LDI Collaborator: Shenzhen Decoration and Construction Industrial co.,Ltd;  Logo Collaborator: HuangYang Design;  General Contractor: Shenzhen Decoration and Construction Industrial co.,Ltd, Guangdong 8th Construction Group co.,Ltd
Photographer: MengYan, Wu Qiwei



2015 Honorable mention awards for Shenzhen Creative Design Award
2012 The SZ/HK Lifestyle Awards“Annual Humanistic Space Award”
2012 Shortlisted for the 3rd China Architecture Media Award, The Best Architecture Prize
2012 Shortlisted for the WA Chinese Architecture Award



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