Category: Urban Design & Research
Principal Architect: Liu Xiaodu

Project Architect: Wen Ting
Project Manager: Zhong Gang
Team: Sun Jiawei, Yin Shuyu, Tang Weijun, Yu Shiyao, Matt Eshleman, Zhu Jiangchen | Wen Ting (Technical Director) | Lin Songzhao, Li Hongyi (Internship)


Pingshan is still able to preserve rich natural resources, as well as historical buildings and cutting-edge manufacturing. With the opportunity to build a comprehensive and panoramic nature museum in the Yanzi Lake area, a panoramic pilot eco city is no more a dream, in which people and nature coexist harmoniously. There are four major eco-oriencted strategies to realize this goal: natural ecology, cultural implantation, forest city and green transportation.

Pingshan River will be transformed into multiple wetland communities. They will offer habitats for all kinds of flora and fauna. Instead of an isolated culture icon, new nature museum will be built as a series of cultural clusters, which offers people a variety of places to learn and touch nature. The old villages inside the park will be preserved and transferred into various gardens, which accommodate cultural industries, commercial and leisure activities.

Eco city also cares about urban development. Being a smooth transition from the wetland park to the city, the forest city green clusters bring new types of green living experience to Yanzihu. And in the center of Yanzihu, a two-layer-two-loop underground transportation road system will inserted, integrating the bus terminal and underground public parking. It will make a car-free zone for pedestrian and promote public transportation. The unique eco-experience in Yanzihu won’t influence on the overall city traffic but an enhancer.

Yanzihu will be the leading power for the overall ecological and cultural upgrade of Pingshan central area.



Location: Yanzihu area, Pingshan District, Shenzhen
Design: 2019-2020
Site Area: 5 km²
Floor Area: 5,395,429 m²

Client: Planning and Natural Resources Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, People’s Government of Pingshan District, Shenzhen
Architect:URBANUS, Woods Bagot Architectural Design Consultants (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute (Group) Co., Ltd