On-Site Installation: Information Pavilion (Brick Pavilion) of 2017 UABB / Exhibitor: Yung Ho Chang
Brick is a material which contains the least characteristics of the time and location. Though this brick-based pavilion, the exhibitor explores how to build a public building with this heavy material and make it adapt to the present surroundings, as well as having the flexibility to adapt to changing functions in the future.


_DSC6769 450
On-Site Installation: WEGO / Exhibitor: The Why Factory, MVRDV
Based on the hypothesis of maximum density and maximum desire fulfilment, The (W)ego Installation explores the potential of desire-based design on an extreme scale.


14 柱廊华盖-5
On-Site Installation: Zhulang Huagai: A Figure for the Nantou Urban Village / Exhibitor: Nader Tehrani, NADAAA, The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of The Cooper Union
Conceived as a public structure that can house many programs, this project is built from standard scaffolding to produce a large civic figure, giving monumental presence to an urban skeleton, composed of customized sectional variations.


Laboratory:City Curation–”City among Urban Villages” Nantou Old Town /  Exhibitor: URBANUS 
Combined with history, the present and future, this Special Exhibition exhibits the Nantou Old Town Renewal Plan with the overall analysis in terms of Nantou’s historical origins, developing process, physical space, and humanistic culture. It also presents how the 2017 UABB Curation Process intervenes the comprehensive renovation of Nantou Old Town via a series of exhibition spaces, art works and events.


Laboratory:City Curation–”City among Urban Villages” Nantou Old Town /  Exhibitor: URBANUS 
Library will be a knowledge base for the scholars studying urban villages and the audience interested in the topics of urban villages to reference project research results, related literature and research archives.