Sub-curator:LI Xiangning,  PEI Zhao

” South, South ” is not a strict division of the world, but a series of thinking and discussion on the unique topics of the South. When we talk about this world, we usually use the East-West division. The purpose of this division is to highlight the differences between culture and ideology and the conflicts and opportunities brought by these differences. When the world is divided in south – north, economic power\political status and other factors have been highlighted. Similar to the theme of this biennial “symbiosis of the city”, it is concerned about the status quo of the world outside the mainstream and the causes behind it, concerned about the opportunities and vitality of the poor areas, concerned about the South in the international context cannot be ignored status. This exhibition then takes from the city symbiosis to the world symbiosis, and will show results done by architects, scholars and artists who dedicated to their projects.

We have chosen six groups of highly representative research to form the ” South, South ” exhibition: the updated Havana combs the Cuban city and architecture of the three periods; slum real estate shows the Nairobi slum “informal”; São Paulo slum art practice through four cases to show the possibility of art involved in slum renewal; social integration of urban furniture through the observation of the city of urban furniture design and reflection; Latin American informal city case study provides a wealth of case studies summed up the Latin American Experience in informal cities; urban micro-design experiments showcase the phenomenon of Asian cities through experimental academic consortia based on the development of the Asian region.

We hope that through the ” South, South ” exhibition, we can make the topic “symbiotic” much broader. And make all those complicated problems and solutions a new reference when we look into the city our own.