UABB 2017’s main venue is located at Nantou Old Town in Nanshan District, which carries a profound history of Shenzhen and regarded as a starting point to seek the new urban growth mode instead of a mere subject of renovation. Themed on “Cities, Grow in Difference”, UABB 2017 is a platform for finding new theories, new experiments and new practices. It is a communication platform focusing on “discovering” instead of showcasing what has been accomplished. It is a constantly growing exhibition. Therefore, the chief curators Liu Xiaodu, Meng Yan initiated the convening of 2017 UABB ” cities, grow in difference ” curatorial activities. Through open research, discussion and exchange, the chief curators incorporated the curatorial activities and the theory and method of urban reconstruction into the process of the whole Biennale.

These activities are called CGD LAB , will continually work through meetings commissioned by the curators, research, discussion and exchange, and a way combine special research and open discussion, to promote the communication related to the theme and public interaction.

More details about the CGD LAB

12.05 CGD Lab 05:The Festival Spirit of City
共生实验室05_20171202_页面_2 - 副本

09.08 CGD Lab 04:The Performance plan of Opening Ceremony
共生实验室4 - 副本

5th August, 2017 UABB CGD Lab 03

15th July, 2017 UABB CGD Lab 02 “CGB Lab × Do Course | Story-telling Session of Urban Village”

19th May, 2017 UABB CGD Lab 01“Cities, Grow in Difference”