Hakka Dragon House College – Chuangxing Nine-year School (In Process)


Hakka Tulou Society – Wulian Shangyi School (In Process)


Longhua Science and Technology Center, Shenzhen (In Process)


Overall Design for Quality Improvement of Dafen Village (In Process)


FU[+] INFILL PLAN, Shenzhen Futian Central District


Community Center of Baishadao Financial Town


No.150 Chengfu Road, Beijing (Completed) 


Hefei Luogang Airport Renovation


整体鸟瞰_调色 1600

Shitizhai Ancient Village Preservation and Regeneration (In Process)


Two Pavilions in Jingmi Park (Completed) 2020


都市实践 北中轴 @张超 20190927 4p-2 cut

Futian Shi Yuan and Li Yuan Landscape Design ( Completed)  2019


The Grand Canal Creative Center (Completed)  2018


Gymnasium of South University of Science and Technology (Completed)  2019



Two-in-one courtyard, Baita Temple Area (Completed)  2019